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10 romantic travel destinations you will fall in love with

10 romantic travel destinations you will fall in love with

You and your great love want to see the world and are still looking for places for your next vacation? Then create unforgettable experiences together at one of the places in this list of 10 travel destinations for lovers! Who does not want to take a short break in the most romantic city of Belgium or start an unforgettable trip to Ireland? So, pack your bags and try out our 10 ideas for your romantic getaway for two!

Bergen  Norway

Caption: sail boats and concrete buildings 
Bergen is considered the most beautiful city in Fjord land Norway – and there are many reasons for that! For its visitors, there are always fabulous views of the city: the harbour, the small offshore islets and, of course, the sea. Bergen, with its many colourful, hillside houses, looks almost like an amphitheatre; the stage is the sea with its many islets and fjords. A romantic weekend in the mountains offers you and your partner the opportunity to escape from everyday life and spend a nice time together. Make your day active and go hiking, walking and exploring the area during the day. Afterwards, have a delicious candlelight dinner and spend wonderful hours with your partner.

Bruges  Belgium

Caption: Bruges buildings
Your first visit to Belgium might have been because of the waffles but your next one can involve some romanticism as well! In Bruges, everywhere is full of nice little houses and bistros, and everything is done with so much love. You will find so many impressive pieces of architecture: Rozenhoedkaai is considered the most photographed place in Bruges. Here you have a great view like a postcard; the bridge and the streets look wonderful. If a romantic vacation was your main purpose for visiting Bruges, then make sure to visit Lake Minnevater, also known as the Lake of Love. This is a real piece of serenity and tranquility, and it is easy to spend hours admiring the surrounding nature.

Dublin  Ireland

Caption: concrete houses in Dublin
’When I die Dublin will be written in my heart’ says the Irish writer James Joyce. His love of Dublin is for good reason. With its nature, historical buildings, architecture, museums, pubs, taverns and vibrant nightlife, Dublin’s charms are countless. It has many surprises for you around the clock: During the daytime, you can enjoy the historical and beautiful sights while at nights you can get lost among the famous pubs and taverns of the city. Especially in the Christmas time, Dublin has a special charm. The streets are romantically lit, music is in the air… the architecture alone is worth a visit! Liffey, the river dividing the city into two, and the bridges connecting the two sides are beautiful! If you want to take it easy and enjoy your time, then be sure to savour the multicultural delights of Dublin.

Colmar  France

Caption: historical buildings and river
Colmar is a picturesque old town to fall in love with. Close your eyes and think about some wonderful photos with those colourful and half-timbered houses you have seen on the internet. Those houses come alive in Colmar and this alone is enough reason to visit there. Once you are there, discover the French street cafes that invite you to linger and feast. Order a café au lait and a croissant. Pay attention to details… Each house with so much concentrated beauty and nostalgia, richly decorated with ornaments has its own special charm. Especially popular here is a boat trip on the river Lauch, where you can enjoy beautiful views of the most elegant corners of the city. It definitely deserves its name, ‘Little Venice’, or in French ‘Pétite Venise’. It is good that you can reach all the highlights of the city easily and quickly by foot, so you do not have to be afraid of missing something in this fabulous city.

Porto  Portugal

Caption: city view
The second largest city in Portugal has much more to offer than just wide sandy beaches. Porto impresses with its picturesque old town, the numerous baroque churches, and its picturesque river backdrop. Go on a sightseeing tour at the Praca de Bathala. Rua Santa Caterina, the popular shopping street of Porto, attracts tourists with small boutiques and cafes. The streets, alleys, and houses that greet you along the way are characterized by a breath-taking variety of colours. There are impressive, newly renovated buildings, but also old, half-ruined houses. But it is precisely these contrasts that make up the unique charm of the cityscape. Let yourself drift, watch, discuss, photograph, analyse, and fantasize… There is something that even upgrades the charm of the city: the cable car, Teleférico de Gaia. You can watch the city from above! Choose however you would like to experience romanticism.

Prague  Czech Republic

Caption: statue, man holding an umbrella
The Czech capital Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. This ‘Golden City’ is a truly romantic destination for a trip for two. Start your trip by getting lost in the Prague quarter Vyšehradist. There is the castle wall Vyšehrad rising high above the southern New Town. Up there you can spend an afternoon and enjoy the great view over Prague and the Vltava river. There are numerous historic buildings, churches, and large gates to discover. If you want to have a leisurely romantic day, spend some time in the beer garden Letna which probably has the best view in Prague. Here you can drink delicious beer with many locals. Alternatively, a short cable car ride can bring you to Petrin Berg away from the crowd. There you can enjoy the togetherness with a bottle of wine, a light snack or a delicious dinner surrounded by a thousand glowing candles under the stars…

Salzburg – Austria

Caption: View of green land and mountains
At the foot of the Alpine Mountains, Salzburg is the beautiful city of Mozart. It is a delightful city to visit for its baroque style architecture, green nature and – of course – Mozart. The old town was built around the river Salzach and on one side of the river is the old town, on the other side Makartplatz Square, Mirabell Gardens and the house where Mozart lived. These are already enough reasons to fall in love with the city. If you arrive in the summertime, it would be very pleasant to rent a bicycle and go by the river bike paths. Getreidegasse Street will be the star of your romantic trip if you visit it, especially during Christmas because you will be amazed by the Christmas Market here! You may find yourself spending a lot of time even at the kitchenware or handmade toy stands.

Santorini  Greece

Caption: Santorini view
Santorini is the epitome of your dream summer holiday destination… A super nice, rustic atmosphere envelopes the old fishing port of Ammoudi in the pretty village of Oia. Once you arrive at the picturesque harbour basin, the crystal-clear water invites you to swim and feel refreshed. Santorini has many walking and hiking trails, which you should make use of to appreciate the whole beauty of the city. One of the most beautiful trails reaches from the island’s capital Fira to Imerovigli. In the southeast of Santorini, you will find some picturesque beaches of black gravel or dark, coarse sand. You will be able to find a diverse selection of good restaurants and nice cafes on almost all the beaches there. Do not skip watching the famous sunset from the old castle in Oia before you finish your unforgettable romantic trip.

Siena  Italy

Caption: Siena historical buidings
Is a list of romantic holiday destinations complete without an Italian city? No! Siena is a historic place with a delightful old town. On a trip to the Italian region of Tuscany, a visit to the magnificent city of Siena should not be missed. All the sights are beautiful here, not to mention the location, nestled in a picturesque hilly landscape, and the cheerful Italian temperament that you can feel here. A stay in Siena will bring you lots of art, culture, and history. The old town of Siena, which is adorned with many historic buildings, is absolutely worth seeing. You should also take a little stroll through the lush avenues and small streets that are waiting for you with some beautiful shopping streets. If you want to add a shopping session to your romantic tour, you can find what you are looking for in Via Banchi di Sopra, Via Banchi di Sotto, and Via di Città.

Sintra  Portugal

Caption: the Old Town
The fairy-tale-like city Sintra has been enchanting people for years – why not make it a part of your own fairy-tale-like trip? As the literary hero of the Portuguese saga, ‘The Maias’ aptly said: ‘In Sintra everything is heavenly’. This city has everything you would want on your travels: an authentic old town with little streets and nice restaurants, where in the evening you can hear theatrical Fado singing; an endlessly arranged waterfront with modern cafes, and bars; amazingly well-preserved architecture; and, last but not least, a huge supply of museums, palaces, and castles. Almost on each of these hills sits one of the fantastic palaces and castles that highlights Sintra. Visit Palácio Nacional de Sintra, the only fully preserved royal palace in Portugal. Also, visit the Palácio Nacional da Pena! You will immediately be fascinated by the colors, the mix of styles and the mystical fog that often ripples around the palace. You can make dozens of pictureshere to immortalize the moment at this alluring city.
Whether for an anniversary, a birthday present, a special occasion or a simple escape from everyday life, the decision is yours to make about how to discover one of these lovely romantic destinations and create great memories together!


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