Anti Aging Collagen Cream


Our snail moisturizer cream is powerful. Packed with powerful natural, nourishing, and hydrating active ingredients. Non-greasy, also helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles

  • Nail Mucus Extract : Snail mucus refers to the snail mucus secretion in the process of crawling, Snail mucus extract is the essence extracted from the snail slime, we call it “snail mucus extract”.
  • The snail mucus extract contains natural collagen, elastin, allantoin, D-Glucuronic acid, vitamin etc. With these ingredients deep into the skin, skin can be repaired, and increase the skin nutrition; allantoin can complement the cell regene ration factor, thus making rapid regeneration of the skin. And then restore the soft, smooth and delicate skin.
  • The chemical composition of snail mucus secretion has the firming effect, which can make the skin rapid regeneration.

The snail mucus secretion can effectively prevent skin from aging, and can eliminate the spots on the skin, and acne scars. Making use of the regeneration effect of snail to make skin-protection cream has protective effects on the skin.


Snails in treatment of skin scar. Hippocrates records the snail slime has the function of moisturizing, anti-inflammation and an algesia, and the continue use can make skin surface becomes smooth and bright.


Allantoin extract from the snail mucus can make skin regeneration; protein and vitamins c an increase the skin nutrition, making the skin more delicate and smooth.



Product efficacy

Repair damaged skin, Moisturizing, Shrink pores, Make skin tender and smooth.Have excellent repair force, repair various skin problems, make your skin soft and smooth.four seasons available.Improve rough.Firming skin.Nourish tender.Repair damaged.


Free from fragrance, artificial color, and parabens, safe for all skin types | Normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, acne prone skin


French snail essence,collagen, hyaluronic acid, glycerol,vitamin B3,etc.

How to use

1.Clean your facial skin

2.Use the palm of your hand or make-up cotton to apply evenly to the face

3.Gently tap till it is absorbed

Warm Tip

Use it twice a day (day and night) for faster and better result

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